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Importance Of Forgive And Forget – Dadi Janki

Dadi Janki gives her insight into the importance of forgive and forget.

The same ones who have brought us sorrow or anger will come in front of us one day to be forgiven. Holding on to the fact that someone has betrayed or deceived us makes us hostage to the anger inside.

In fact, we should also help the ones who have deceived us to forget that they have done this to us. When we see the opportunity for forgiveness, we have to help them reduce their pain and suffering, which is the consequence of the earlier actions they took. This is why we need to have forgiveness, love, mercy, and compassion. To help someone forget his or her own misdeeds is the highest form of charity.

When your intent is pure, it has a vibrant impact on others. When you are touched by a good quality – inspired by virtue or a value – and act in an elevated way, your action has the potential to inspire others. It is a natural law that souls respond to the quality of intention they experience in others. When we speak about inspiration, this is what we are speaking about. Many things cannot be done without inspiration. It you have inspiration, you find the courage and strength you need, nothing can stop you.

- Dadi Janki

Source - Something Beyond Greatness: Conversations with a Man of Science and a Woman of God By Judy Rodgers, Gayatri Naraine