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9 Symbolism Of Three Lines Of Holy Ash On Forehead Of Hindus

The three lines of holy ash on forehead of a Hindu devotee has deep symbolism. Here are 9 symbolism of three lines of holy ash on forehead.

Upper line – atman
Middle line – antaratman
Lower line – Paramatman
Symbolic meaning – the self, the inner self and supreme self.

Upper line – kriyashakti
Middle line – icchashakti
Lower line – jnanashakti
Symbolic meaning – three powers of action, will and knowledge

Upper line – garhapatyagni
Middle line – dakshniagni
Lower line – ahavaniyagni
Meaning the three lines are the three household fires ever to be kept burning

Upper line – syllable A
Middle line – syllable U
Lower line – syllable M
Meaning the three measures of Pranava, OM (A, U, M)

Upper line – Rajas
Middle line – Sattva
Lower line – Tamas
Three attributes reflecting the strands of one’s disposition

Upper line – bhuloka
Middle line – Anatrikshaloka
Lower line – dyuloka
The three worlds of earth, intersphere and heaven

Upper line – Rig Veda
Middle line – Yajur Veda
Lower line – Atharva Veda
Symbolic meaning – the three vedas

Upper line – Pratassavanam
Middle line – Madhya
Lower line – Shayamasavanam – hnasavanam
Symbolic meaning – the morning, midday and evening rites in a day.

Upper line – Maheshwara
Middle line – Sadashiva
Lower line – Mahadeva
The three forms of Shiva