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Navratri Story - Sri Ram And Ravana Invoking Chandi Devi Form Of Goddess Durga

A famous story about the origin of Navratri is associated with Bhagavan Sri Ram invoking Goddess Durga. To emerge victorious in the battle against Ravana, Lord Brahma advised Bhagavan Sri Ram to invoke the fierce Chandi Devi form of Goddess Durga. During the same time, demon King Ravana started invoking Goddess Chandi to attain immortality and victory of Bhagavan Sri Ram and his Vanarsena (monkey army).

When it was time for a crucial ritual in Bhagavan Sri Ram’s puja, Ravana used his magic and stole all the puja items including the havan kund.

All those present for the puja got scared as the puja sankalp was broken and Goddess Durga would become angry.

Then Bhagavan Sri Ram realized that Goddess Durga is also known as कमल-नयन नवकंज लोचन – the lotus eyed one with a light shade of red. Bhagavan Sri Ram himself was lotus-eyed and therefore he decided to offer an eye of his to Goddess Durga as offering.

When he was getting ready to do the sacrifice, Goddess Durga appeared before Sri Ram and blessed him with victory in the ensuing battle against demon king Ravana.

When Goddess Durga was blessing Sri Ram, Hanuman took the form of a young boy and entered the puja arena of Ravana. He then caused serious damage to the puja. Ravana failed to complete the puja on time and Goddess Durga got angry and cursed him.

It is believed that Goddess Durga appeared before Bhagavan Sri Ram during the Sharad season (autumn). This is the reason why Navratri is observed during the period (September – October).