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Swami Tatwananda Quotes And Teachings

A collection of quotes and teachings of Swami Tatwananda.

Everything in this world is limited, liable to be destroyed and is insignificant. Whatever object of love there is in this world, or in the world to come, is not an end in itself. It is only a means to that pure love, by which one attains immortality.

The Atman is not one more object in the list of finalities. It permeates all. It can be attained only by surrendering ourselves to it. It is only then that we realize that everything in this world is only a partial manifestation of that great love, which is indivisible, is One, eternal and great. That is why the Supreme Goal of life, the love of the Atman, is to be attained by a gradual process, in and through other bonds of life. When rightly comprehended, every hindrance becomes a help and means of self realization. (Source – Excerpt from the book titled - Upanishadic stories and their significances)

Suppression is not a sign of growth in an individual or society. On the other hand sublimation may help one to discover the meaning of life. There is sublimation for the faculties, when one makes the mind look at this world not as the field for seeking but as a field to express one's own sense of adequacy. This sublimation is the freedom advocated by the enlightened masters.

The imaginary fears of situations that cause the restlessness of the mind are a sign of ignorance. Restlessness never helps one to take the right decision. Indecisiveness restrains one from involvement, even when there is a need. Remaining unresponsive to the call of responsibility, the mind grows further restless and irritable and this leads to friction in relationships.

Problems in life are not solved by controlling or suppressing the faculties that reveal them, but by making the faculties understand the problem. 

Relationships being the mirror of yourself, you find yourself broken and shattered. Just as a boat, hit by strong winds tosses and moves, loses direction, and reaches nowhere, so is the unsettled mind swayed by the stranglehold of sensual pleasures.

Renunciation is the essence of strength and knowledge. Unless you have this, your faculties do not come into existence with full brilliance to study, understand and act rightly as the situation demands. The attitude or poise to grasp the message of this creation is the springboard of inspiration and wisdom.