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Akshaya Madhava And Vat Madhava Forms Of Vishnu And Mantra

Akshaya Madhava and Vat Madhava are two important forms of Lord Vishnu. They appear at the beginning of a cycle of creation. Akshaya Madhava provides auspiciousness to the universe. Vat Madhava is associated with the peepal tree.

Akshaya Madhava form is worshipped for desire fulfillment. Vat Madhava is worshipped for success in spiritual path.

The mantra associated with Akshaya Madhava is
‘Om Namah Akshaya Punayah Madhavaya Namah'

The mantra associated with Vat Madhava is
'Om Vatavriksha Rupaya Madhavaya Namah'

Both these forms of Vishnu appear prominently during dissolution and during the beginning of a cycle of creation.