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Tulsidas Teachings

A collection of teachings of Goswami Tulsidas the author of Ramcharitmanas

God, who is one without any desire, is shapeless, nameless, birthless, is a storehouse of virtue and the last refuge of all, resides in everything of the universe, takes the human form to do various deeds for the benefit of those who believe and depend on Him.

The only duty is good of others.

The only dereliction is oppression of others.

God is one but the proud and the vain have sculpted many out of their desires and fancies.

Every living being has an animate, clean, simple, salubrious and indestructible particle of God and since He pervades each and every object, I make my respects to all.

Where there is good will, there is all the wealth and where there is ill will, all the misery.

Oh, Lord, I believe that the bhakta of God is more than God. Because, if God is an ocean which has abundance of water, it is salty, one cannot drink it, nor can one even bathe  in it; then the bhaktas are like clouds which take the water from the same ocean but shower in it is purest drinkable form wherever needed.