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Pitru Dosh Pooja – Procedure – Mantra – Pitru Dosha Nivaran Puja

Pitru dosh is the result of neglecting annual shradh and tarpan. In today’s busy life many people find it difficult to perform annual shradh rituals. They realize the importance of Pitru dosha nivaran puja, when they face difficulties in life. Here is a Pitru dosh pooja vidhi to be performed at home. It contains the detail procedure along with mantra.

When to Perform Pitru Dosh Pooja?

  • The best option is to perform on Amavasya Tithi or no moon day in a Hindu calendar.
  • If you know the death tithi of the pitru then you can perform it on the day. Some people also opt for the nakshtra on which the person died.

Who can perform the puja?

  • Any family member (both male and female) can perform the puja.

Pitru Dosh Pooja – Procedure – Mantra

  • The ideal time is early morning when there is Amavasya Tithi.
  • The puja is dedicated Shiva and Vishnu.
  • Clean the house and take bath.
  • Offer prayers to Ganesha.
  • The puja should be performed on the east side of the house.
  • Take two kalash fill it with water. Put Til (sesame), urad dal and peepal tree leaves into both the kalash. Close the mouth of both Kalash with coconut.
  • Now you have to perform dashopachar puja.
  • Light lamp using cow ghee.
  • Dhoop should be of fragrant flowers.
  • Light camphor.
  • Use white chandan.
  • Offer sindhoor.
  • Offer white and red color flowers.
  • Offer Haldi.
  • Offer kesar.
  • Make a sweet using jaggery and offer it. This should be later given to a cow.
  • Chant the mantra ह्रीं हरिहर मद-गज-वाहनाय नमः 108 times using a rudraksha or red sandalwood mala.
  • All the puja items should be deposited under a peepal tree.
  • Mix small amount of honey in water or milk and then pour it under a peepal tree. Go around the peepal tree 11 times. This will help in removing all forms of Pitru dosha.
  • Plant peepal tree and take care of it.
  • Do donation in the form of clothes or food.
To lessen troubles in house, offer peepal leaves to Shiva and Vishnu and then tie them on the front door of the house.