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Cactus Vastu – Cactus Vaastu Shastra – Is It Bad or Good to Keep Cactus at Home

Cactus lives in extremely dry environments. It is found even in the driest places on earth. The remarkable capacity of it to conserve water is a miracle. Cactus has nothing to do with Hindu religion or Vaastu Shastra. So is it bad or good to keep Cactus at home as per Vastu. As per Vastu Shastra it is bad but if we use logic the tree should be kept at home.

Cactus should be kept at home because it teaches us not to give up hope. Cactus survives in the Atacama Desert in South America – believed to be the driest place on earth. It is a plant that teaches us resilience, optimism, liveliness and vigor.

The plant should be respected and should be made a part of our life.

Why Do Some People Consider Cactus Bad for Vastu?

Some people believe that as the thorn on Cactuss symbolize negative energy and accidents. This is not true. If we take this logic, then people should not keep rose plant. Rose is found in many Hindu homes.

Some of the things that appear in print media and television have no logic. They are mere superstitions.

Cactus brings neither good luck nor bad luck. If you like the cactus plant then you should keep it.