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Scientific Reason for Applying Kumkum In Hinduism

There is a scientific reason behind applying kumkum in Hinduism. The spot on the forehead between the eyebrows, where the kumkum is applied, is a very important nerve point in the body. The significance of applying kumkum is associated with this spot in the body.

In Hindu culture, the spot between the eyebrows is believed to be a very subtle energy point in the brain. It is known as ajna chakra, also known as the intuition center. Scientific experiments have also proved that this point is associated with the pineal and the pituitary glands, which control various functions of the body.

When kumkum is applied the point on the mid-brow region is pressed and this activates the energy point.

Applying kumkum opens the channel of intuition and it prevents energy loss. It also helps in improving concentration and helps in improving blood supply to face muscles.

It must be noted that kumkum should be sourced from an authentic source. The cheap chemical kumkum and sandalwood paste when used on forehead can cause allergic reactions.

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