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Tambula Prashna – A Branch Of Astrology Predictions Related To Betel Leaves

Tambula Prashna is a branch of predictive astrology in Hinduism. Tambula Prasna refers to the query from a person who approaches an astrologer with a small gift called tambula, consisting of betel leaves, betel nuts, flowers, sandal perfume/incense sticks, turmeric, kumkum (vermilion), dakshina (coins), coconut, bananas and other such items. The person places all these before the astrologer and raises his query. Prashna means querying. The astrologer takes a count of all the items brought by the questioner and makes some mathematical calculations to arrive at indicative numbers to be used for predictions.

There are many variations in this method of prediction. One method followed in South India’s Karnataka region is as follows: add twelve to the sum total number of all the items in the tambula; divide the resulting figure by seven; based on the remainder, the nature/subject of the query is predicted. If the remainder is one, then the query is about money matters and the solution will come from the authority / administration / government. If two, the query is about women and ornaments and the solution will come from friends and relatives. If three, the query is about disputes and the solution will be through the court. If four, the query is about land matters, and the solution is possible only with expenditure. If five, the query is about an auspicious function to be organized, and the solution will result from an association with noble persons. If six, it is about health, and the solution has to be medicine. If seven (i.e., the remainder is zero), the query is about theft, and the lost item cannot be recovered.

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