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10 Things To Remember During Navratri Vrat And Puja At Home

Puja of Mother Goddess can be performed on any day during the year. But it is considered highly meritorious to perform it during the Navratri. Here are 10 things to remember during Navratri puja at home.

  1. You need to wake up early in the morning. Clean the house. Take Bath and then perform the puja.
  2. Smoking, chewing pan, drinking alcohol, having sexual intercourse and getting a massage should be avoided during the nine days.
  3. Before beginning the puja write swastika symbol using haldi or kumkum in the designated puja area.
  4. Puja should be performed daily in the morning and evening.
  5. Puja should be performed facing south. It is believed that Maa arrives from the south.
  6. Puja should be performed with complete attention. Unwanted thoughts and talks should be avoided during puja. Anger, hatred and intolerance should not be present while performing puja. Before starting the puja family members should resolve all the problems.
  7. Devi Mahatmya and stories of Mother Goddess should be read daily.
  8. The puja area should decorated using light yellow, light green and rose color clothes and flowers. Loud music should not be played. Aarti should be chanted by all family members.
  9. All puja items should be kept in the southeast portion of the house.
  10. Food should not be wasted. Prasad should be prepared daily in limited quality and should be consumed by family members, neighbors and friends.