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Navratri Offering of Sari and Coconut to Goddess Durga

Offering of Sari, Blouse Piece and coconut to Goddess during Navratri is considered highly auspicious. Saree, coconut and Blouse piece (cloth) is offered at the end of Mother Goddess worship during Navratri. It is the final offering made to any of the Goddess worshiped during Navratri.

Goddess Shakti is formless and is beyond human imagination and thought. But this energy which is the creative force behind all living and nonliving takes a form which Her devotee prefers. By offering Sari and Blouse Piece to Goddess a devotee is invoking her in the form of Mother. The Mother who fulfills the wishes of her daughters and sons.

The Saree that is offered to Goddess Durga is red in color and is made of cotton or silk.

Blouse piece is placed on top of the Saree and the coconut is placed on top of the blouse piece. Some rice is sprinkled on the saree and blouse piece.

The three eyes or the tuft of the coconut faces the image of Goddess.

Stand in front of Goddess and the saree with coconut, rice and blouse piece is held parallel to the chest and prayers are offered.

In some regions, only married women offer Saree to Mother Goddess.

Some Hindu communities view it as auspicious to wear the saree offered to Mother Goddess. Some people never touch the offering made to Goddess and is kept safely in the puja room or in a box.