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18 sons of Lakshmi – Mantra - Names Of 18 Sons of Goddess Lakshmi

It is widely believed by Hindus in certain regions that chanting names of 18 sons of Goddess Lakshmi will help in solving horoscope related problems especially those causing financial hardships. The names of 18 sons of Lakshmi is to be chanted 7 times for 21 Fridays.

18 sons of Lakshmi

  1. देवसखाय नम:        Om Devsakhaya Namah
  2. चिक्लीताय नम:      Om Chiklitaya Namah
  3. आनंदाय नम:          Om Anandaya Namah
  4. कर्दमाय नम:           Om Kardmaya Namah
  5. श्रीप्रदाय नम:           Om Sripradaya Namah
  6. जातवेदाय नम:        Om Jathvedaya Namah
  7. अनुरागाय नम:        Om Anuragaya Namah
  8. संवादाय नम:          Om Samvadaya Namah
  9. विजयाय नम:          Om Vijayaya Namah          
  10. वल्लभाय नम:        Om Vallabhaya Namah      
  11. मदाय नम:              Om Madaya Namah
  12. हर्षाय नम:               Om Harshaya Namah
  13. बलाय नम:              Om Balaya Namah
  14. तेजसे नम:              Om Tejase Namah
  15. दमकाय नम:           Om Damkaya Namah
  16. सलिलाय नम:         Om Salilaya Namah
  17. गुग्गुलाय नम:         Om Gulgulaya Namah       
  18. कुरूंटकाय नम:        Om Kuruntkaya Namah

Benefits of Chanting Mantra - Names Of 18 Sons of Goddess Lakshmi

  • Desire fulfillment
  • Solution to money problems.
  • Early solution to property problems.
  • A highly effective mantra to solve horoscope related problems.