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Vettakkorumakan - Hindu God Worshipped In Kerala - Importance

Vettakkorumakan is a very popular deity worshiped mainly in certain pockets of Kerala. The deity is famous through theyyam and pattu. Vettakkorumakan is the son of Shiva and Goddess Parvati – born when Shiva took the Kiratamurti form to test determination and perseverance of Arjuna in the Mahabharata.

Form Of Vettakkorumakan

Invocatory songs and hymns describe him as a dark hunter with two hands, having bow and arrow and a dagger, with a crown on his head adorned by peacock feathers and a crescent moon, with ruddy eyes and a prominent moustache. He wears a blue/black garment and is mounted on a horse.

Vettakkorumakan is worshipped according to Vedic tradition as a Shaivite deity.

Many families in Kerala have adopted him as their tutelar deity and worship him in the house itself.

Vettakkorumakan Coconut Breaking

Coconut breaking is an important offering to Vettakkorumakan. The ritual of breaking more than 1000 coconuts is performed during the Vettakkorumakan Pattu. The breaking of coconut is performed to the rhythm of the playing drum. It is broken by dashing them on a stone in front of the Vettakkorumakan Pattu Kalam.

Story Of Vettakkorumakan

Legend has it that Shiva and Goddess Parvati appeared before Arjuna as forest dwellers. Arjuna was blessed by Shiva with the Pashupata Astra. Shiva and Parvati then resided in the forest in the form of forest dwellers and Vettakkorumakan was born during this period.

Vettakkorumakan is also known as Kirata Sunu. The deity holds bow and arrow in one hand and the other hand holds a traditional Kerala weapon known as Churika – a short sword. The body tone is deep blue. He has a beard and wears yellow dress.

It must be noted that there is a wrong belief among many devotees that Vettakkorumakan is Shiva himself. Some people believe Vettakkorumakan to be Sastha.

Vettakkorumakan Pattu - Theyyam

The festival known as Vettakkorumakan Pattu has a multi-colored figure of the deity, called Kalam, made in front of the temple yard with various powders, decorated with a canopy of tender coconut leaves and areca spadices.

An orchestra consisting of two chenda (drums) and kulal (pipe) performs the music for Vettakkorumakan Pattu.

Vettaikaran Nayar, who circumambulates the Kalam, specially dressed for the occasion, takes the dagger of the deity. The two kurupas (assistants) who prepared the kalam then sing in praise of the deity and the Nayar dances over the kalam and systematically effaces it.

Then comes the breaking of the coconuts, one thousand or more as the case may be,taking them one by one and dashing them on a stone in front, to the rhythm of the playing of drum.

Popular Vettakkorumakan Temples

Some of the popular temples of Vettakkorumakan are located at Nilambur, Pattambi, Kozhikode, Balussery, Neeleswaram, Kottakkal and other places in North Kerala. Two popular Vettakkorumakan temples in South Kerala are located at Thiruvananthapuram Kottakkakam Vettakkorumakan Temple and Kayamkulam Krishnapuram Vettakkorumakan Temple.