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Just Decide To Be Happy Through Contentment – The Ancient Wisdom Of Hindus

The ancient wisdom of Hindus can change your life for better – just decide to become happy through contentment. The concept of contentment is often repeated in the Gita, Upanishads, Yoga Vasishta, Ramayana, Mahabharat…and numerous other Hindu scriptures.

The goal of human life is to return to the primordial state – to be simply happy.

Ignorance, wrong knowledge, wrong advice and wrong people take us away from the state of bliss we are all born into. We are lost and we need to get back to our original state. The whole purpose of life is to get back to our original version.

The return to the original state should be through hard work, contemplation and without hurting another living being. Do not get too serious while on the return journey. Keep the humor alive.

Everything should be in moderation when we are on the journey to the source this includes food, drink, sex and all kinds of physical and mental actions.

Do not overwork; give enough time for leisure, fun, and contemplation.

Anyone can achieve happiness, if they know what true happiness is. Happiness is the journey to our real self. The journey itself is happiness. All activity towards this goal is happiness.

The journey has to be undertaken by the person. No one else can do it for you. Every encounter and every moment in the journey is filled with lessons in happiness. Our focus should be the source. Every decision and everything we do should be a step in the direction of the primordial source.

There should be a proper action plan. We cannot go on the journey of self with unfulfilled desires like having a dream life partner, a car, house, luxury items etc. Such a life without proper action plan will be unhappy. You either go through the pain of desires and then start the journey or get into a mindset where the desires hold no value.

Agony, anguish, suffering, disappointment… all are part of the wrong search to make life valuable. 

Whatever station of life you are in just be content and start the journey to the primordial source.

Take responsibility for your own happiness by realizing that your happiness is not in things and people. You are the happiness that you are searching for. But now you are not your true self. You need to go back to the real you.