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Amanaska Yoga Teachings

Amanaska Yoga is a dialogue between Lord Shiva and Sage Vamadeva. This is a collection of teachings from the book.

Without knowing the truth about Atman, i.e., the nature of bliss supreme, the ignorant get deluded in Shastras.

Just as salt would unite with water by being mixed with water, so the mind also would unite with Brahman through close contact with Brahman.

Emami Jagannath Temple In Odisha

Just as from a flower, fruit appears which destroys the flower, so, from the body, the highest reality appears which destroys the body.

Not knowing the highest reality which is situated within himself, the confused man is deluded (and looks for it) in the Shastras, (just as) when a goat is held in his armpit, the foolish herdsman looks for (it) in a well.

Source - The Amanaska Yoga A Critical Edition, Translation and Study by Jason Birch