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Selling Minimalism And Live With Less In The Era Of Great Indian Festival And Big Billion Day Sale

We Hindus living in India are bombarded regularly by Great Indian Festival and Big Billion Day sale. Hinduism (Sanatana Dharma) has been promoting minimalism and living with less from time immemorial. West is adopting minimalism in a big way but east which is home to the idea of minimalism is in reverse gear.

Unnecessary shopping done just to avail the irresistible discounts ends up clogging up our small homes and flats. Many people end up owning half a dozen mobiles. After each online festival sale old clothes, electronic items and numerous plastic products end up causing clutter.

One of the important lessons in Hinduism is to live a simple life, especially without causing any damage to nature. This important lesson has three great benefits firstly it causes minimum damage to nature and environment, there is happiness and less stress, and thirdly there is no extra pressure on earning more money to buy new things.

Every new purchase only creates more credit card debts, EMI and other loans. The constant pressure to settle these bills makes us to work harder but in reality the tension and stress makes us less productive. Many of us end up losing job as we are concerned more about earning and not performing the work properly or enjoying what we do.

New, bigger, better, and more expensive does not make us truly happy. The latest bigger and better mobile you bought in this great Indian festival will become old and worthless in a month’s time. Then there will be another big billion day sale and you might have not yet settled the current EMI.

When you fill your house with lovely things, you should remember that you will need to find extra time to maintain and clean them. Each new gadget and lovely things increases the anxiety levels.

Never live beyond your means. For a happy life buy less and save. Focus on important things in life. Give priority to family, relatives, friends and other people. Focus more on having an enriching experience rather than possessions. Instead of doing overtime and spending more time in office to earn more money, spend that time with your loved ones, this is more enriching. Children will soon forget about the gadget you bought for them but they will always remember the effort you took to be present at an important event in their life.

Look around and you will surely find things that you had forgotten about, items that you had rarely used and the same things that you had bought unknowingly again and again.
All these festivals and sales provide good discounts. Wisely shop when you need something specific. When buying something ask these questions – Do I really need it? Why do I need it? What am I going to do with the old one?

Living with less does not mean that you need to lead an austere life devoid of comforts. You don’t need to be a Sanyasi in the Himalayas who have not created any carbon footprint. We just need to realize that having more stuff does not make us happy. Live your life carefully and mindfully by making better choices and by not getting into debt. So be mindful about what you buy online, stop the compulsive or impulsive buying. Don’t deny yourself things but just be conscious about what you are buying.

Declutter, reduce stress and lead a calm life.

And you will find a lot of books on minimalism and live with less in the great Indian festival and big billion day sale. After all they sell anything from A to Z.

By Abhilash Rajendran
All thoughts and ideas used in this article is mine and if anyone has an issue you can contact me at hindublog @ gmail.com