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Twitching of Body Parts and Blinking of Eyes in Hindu Astrology

Doing predictions based on twitching of body parts and blinking of eyes in Hindu religion is part of Samudrika Shastra. It is believed that these involuntary actions of the body indicate what is going to happen in future.

If the front portion of the head twitches, then the person will find a new job or will get a promotion. It indicates career progress. It can also mean honor or awards. There will improvement of stature in society.

If the entire head is twitching it means gains in property related matters. There will be buying or property soon in the life of the person.

The twitching of arms indicates the arrival of financial fortune. Money that was held will be released. Such people will have good luck in the lottery.

Itching sensation on palm also suggests monetary gains.

Twitching on the sole of the foot suggests there will travel in near future. Success and achievement will result from the journey.

Twitching of the top portion of the right eye indicates good news. The person will get to hear encouraging news.

Involuntary movement in the right hand is considered auspicious. It suggests improvement and hope. There will be money related gains.

Twitching of left hand is inauspicious. It means the arrival of bad luck. There will be financial damage and unexpected problems in life.

Involuntary movement on both shoulders indicates fight with someone in near future.

Twitching of right shoulder is considered beneficial especially in career and monetary matters.