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Meaning Of Dreams Of Gods And Goddesses In Hinduism

Dreams do not always indicate anything except that your mind is changing for the better. Generally, dreams are but mental impressions of the waking state seen, as it were, in sleep. So, dreams of gods and goddesses show that your mind is now thinking of higher things and is being impressed by such thoughts instead of worldly thoughts.

Dreams of Gods and Goddesses are a sign to start the spiritual journey.

It is a warning to many when they are going to get drowned in the materialistic world of money, fame and never ending desires.

Dreams of Gods and Goddesses are a signal that you need to be careful with your actions in life as you might fall down in the journey towards moksha or liberation. Each fall means you will have to be reborn several times before you can move up.

Dreams of Gods and Goddesses are a nudge by the divinity in us to correct our actions and thoughts.