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Akhand Jyoti during Navratri – Keeping Lamp Lit for Nine Days during Navratri

Akhand Jyoti during Navratri is the lamp, which is kept lit for nine days during Navratri by many families. Here are some important information and significance of the Akhand Jyoti. There are many rules, dos, and don’ts while keeping the lamp lit for nine days.

The Lamp Dedicated to Durga and her Nine Forms
Akhand Jyoti is dedicated to Mother Goddess Durga and here nine forms worshipped during the nine days of Navratri.

Why is Akhand Jyoti Kept During Navratri
It is kept to seek blessing and pardon for sins committed. It is widely believed that houses in which Akhand Jyoti is lit will be blessed with peace, prosperity and good health. Some devotees keep it for getting job, early marriage and for desire fulfillment.

Rules - Dos - Don'ts and How to Keep Akhand Jyoti during Navratri 
  • A devotee should take a vow to keep the lamp lit for nine days before Mother Goddess and then the person should make sure that the lamp burns continuously for the entire Navratri period.
  • Ghee should be used to light the lamp. One wick is ideal; it should be replaced only if it faces some problem during the nine days.
  • The lamp should be kept in the South or southeast direction.
  • Akhand Jyoti should be lit in the puja area. It should be a secluded place.
  • One should make sure that the jyoti does not create fire. You can use a glass bowl or vessel to cover the Akhand Jyoti. This will keep the jyoti secure from wind.
  • Make sure that the wick is properly drenched. If the wick turns black and is about to extinguish, then put another wick, place the old wick on top of it, and keep the diya burning.
  • Pure cow ghee should be used to light the lamp and one should make sure that there is enough ghee in the lamp.
  • In some regions, if Akhand Jyoti is kept then people of the house usually sleep on ground. This is not followed in all regions.
  • You should not forcibly put off the lamp after nine days. Allow the lamp to extinguish on its own.