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Story – Emperor Samudragupta Overcome Anxiety And Tension

Anxiety, stress, and tension are not anything new. Even emperor Samudragupta was a victim of them. Samudragupta was the fourth ruler of the Gupta Empire and the son and successor of Chandragupta I.

Fed up with constant pressure and stress, to find peace Samudragupta left the palace and riding on a horse reached a deep forest. In the dark deep forest, he heard the melodious sound of the flute.

Samudragupta slowly moved towards the spot from where the sound of the flute was emanating.

After a few minutes, he found the flute was being played by a young man who was sitting under a tree. His goats were eating grass near him. There was peace all around him.

Samudragupta told the young man that he was so happily playing the flute as if he has won an empire and had become an emperor.

The young man did not know that he was talking to Samudragupta, the emperor. He addressed the stranger as gentleman and told him that please pray that I do not become an emperor.

Samudragupta wondered why he did not want to become an emperor.

The young man told Samudragupta that he was an emperor now without an empire. But a real emperor is in reality a servant. And I do not want to become a servant.

Samudragupta was puzzled by the words of the young man.

The young man told Samudragupta that real happiness is in freedom. No one can become free through wealth. Freedom can be attained only through the devotion of God. When a person has unwavering devotion of God, the person has both freedom and true wealth. Then a person has no worries, anxiety, tension, and sleeplessness.

The young man continued - Sun gives its rays equally to the emperor and me. Emperor drinks water and I too drink water. The same rain falls on the emperor and me. The emperor only has wealth, which I do not have. The wealth of emperor gives him sleepless nights. But I got the wealth of devotion and it gives me good sleep.

Samudragupta learned a valuable lesson of not to worry. He learned to do his work without worrying about results. He learned the value of non-attachment.