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Sant Eknath Teachings On The Best Path To God Realization

Sant Eknath (1533–1599) was a Marathi saint and religious poet of the Varkari tradition. His teachings remove the dust of ignorance and sets a devotee on the true path of spirituality. Here are few teachings on the best path to God realization by Sant eknath.

Purity – not merely of the body but the internal one of the heart as well as the external one of good actions is needed.

Penance or constant meditation on God and not fasting or torturing the body is needed.

Retirement from worldly affairs to lead a life of silent meditation in solitude.

Calm endurance of the weak points of others without feeling anger as the Atman is the same in all.

Bhakti – realizing the presence of God everywhere.

Sant Eknath

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