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Story Of Origin Of Footwear In Hindu Religion

The story associated with the origin of footwear in Hindu religion is found in the Mahabharata. Legend has it that the heat of the sun became unbearable for people on earth. Fed up with the heat of sun, Sage Jamadagni, father of Parashurama, started sending arrows at the sun. Sage Jamadagni’s wife Renuka was supplying him with the arrows.

Mata Renuka kept on filling the quiver with arrows. Sage Jamadagni continued sending arrows at the sun.

Surya, the sun god in Hindu tradition, then heated up the route of Mata Renuka. She could not bear the heat and fell down near a banyan tree.

Sage Jamadagni was angry at not getting enough arrows. When Mata Renuka returned and informed Sage Jamadagni what had happened, he was even more angrier and increased the number of arrows against the sun.

Surya then came in the disguise of an old saint and told Sage Jamadagni that he will not be able to bring down or block the sun with his arrows.

But Sage Jamadagni was determined to block the sun with his arrows.

Seeing the determination of Sage Jamadagni, Surya appeared before him and presented him with a pair of footwear and umbrella.