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Shani In Kali Yuga – How Sade Sati Works On Person In Kali Yuga?

Shani, the son of Surya, plays the role of judge, executioner and punisher in Kali Yuga. Shani visits a person to give punishments for all wrongdoings – Adharmic activities. Here is a look how Sade Sati works on a person in Kali Yuga.

It is said that the punishment of Shani extends for 7.5 years.

Shani first sits on the head of a living being for 2.5 years. Here he makes the person do all kinds of foolish things. He will be swayed by lust, desire and other things. Net result is financial loss, loss of honor and lack of peace

Shani then moves to stomach and sits here for 2.5 years. During this period the person will face numerous health issues. The person will lose his wealth and property. There will be no happiness.

Shani then moves to the legs of the person and sits here for the next 2.5 years. During this period the person will have to struggle for even the smallest things. There will be constant impediments and tensions in life. This period will be like walking through a desert in search of water.