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Sweet Paan Offering To Hanuman To Solve Life Problems

Sweet paan is offered in many regions to Hanuman to solve problems in life – including financial, job, career, business and property. It is also offered to defeat the activities of enemies.

Mantra Chanted While Offering Sweet Paan

संकट ते हनुमान छुड़ावै,
मन क्रम वचन ध्यान जो लावै
Sankat Te Hanuman Choodaave,
Mann Kram Vachan Dyan Jo Lavai
  • The offering should be made if possible on all day morning while offering prayers to Hanuman.
  • If not possible then it should be offered on Tuesday and Saturday.
  • While offering the mantra should be chanted.
  • The paan is to be offered without applying lime (choona).

How to Make Sweet Paan Offering to Hanuman?

  • The sweet paan offering should be made after taking bath in the morning.
  • The person making the offering should wear red or saffron color clothes.
  • First prayers should be offered to Ganesha in the mind.
  • Then prayers should be offered to Bhagavan Sri Ram and Mata Sita in the mind.
  • Next, keep a photo of Hanuman.
  • Light lamp using desi ghee.
  • Offer red color flowers.
  • Offer paan by applying some honey or sugar syrup. No lime (choona) should be used. Chant the above given mantra 11 times
  • Offer Sindhoor to Hanuman and the person chanting it should wear it on the forehead.
  • Offer dhoop of a natural material.
  • Sit in meditation and chant the Hanuman Chalisa or read lines from Sunderkhand.
  • Do this continuously for 41 days or for 41 Tuesdays and Saturdays.