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Hanuman Eating Sun - The Story

Story of Hanuman eating sun is a very popular among kids. It is also an important event in the Hindu scriptures as a result of which Hanuman received numerous boons. So Did Hanuman Really Eat the Sun? No Hanuman only attempted to eat the sun.

Hanuman was a very naughty child. Along with his naughtiness, Hanumanji was also a voracious eater. One day when He was one year old; Anjana, his mother, took him to the riverside and allowed him to play on the banks while she was having a bath.

Hanuman indulged in numerous pranks and then climbed trees on the riverbank and ate all the fruits. But the fruits did not suffice his hunger. Then suddenly he saw the orange-colored sun slowly rising in the sky.

Hanuman thought this was some exceptional new big fruit and called out to his mother to come out and have a look at the fruit.

Anjana thought it might be some fruit on a tree and allowed him to go for it.

Hanuman immediately darted towards the sun. He soared up to the sky toward the sun.

Anjana who came out of the waters saw her little baby flying towards the sun. She called her husband Kesari who could only watch in dismay.

Vayu, the wind god, was following him to protect him from the heat.

The day happened to be the solar eclipse day and Rahu was slowly moving to swallow the sun. Hanuman thought Rahu was some huge worm that was blocking his way and dashed towards it. Rahu fled and took refuge at the feet of Indra. He told Indra that a monkey was stopping him from his duty.

Indra took his thunderbolt and rode on his elephant Airavata and attempted to stop Hanuman.

But Hanuman attempted to get hold of the elephant. This angered Indra who hit Hanuman on his cheeks with his thunderbolt.

The impact of the thunderbolt made Hanuman unconscious. He was caught by Vayu, who took him down to earth.

What happened after Hanuman was struck by Indra's thunderbolt