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Use of Saffron – Kesar – on Thursday in Hinduism to Overcome Difficulties in Life

Thursday in Hinduism is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and to Navgraha Brihaspati (Guru). It is believed by many Hindus that by offering prayers to these deities on Thursday one will be blessed with money, children, ideal life partner and intelligence. Offering yellow color things on the day is considered beneficial. Using saffron and turmeric on Thursday helps in overcoming difficulties in life.

People observing various kinds of rituals, fasting, and small process and perform donation to get the blessing of Dev Guru Brihaspati and Lord Vishnu.

Using Kesar (saffron) and making offering of it on Thursday is meritorious.

It auspicious to take bath in water mixed with a small amount of turmeric powder. The tilak on forehead on the day should be made using kesar (saffron). This will help in strengthening the financial position.

Sitting in meditation in the puja room, and then light a lamp using pure ghee. Chant the mantra ‘Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya” (ऊं नमो भगवते वासुदेवाय). This will help in achieving prosperity like that of a ruler.

Drawing swastika symbol using kesar will help in keeping out all negative forces from the house.

Gifting kesar to married daughters and sons will help in having a peaceful and progressive family life.

Mix kesar in sweet curd and take it before Lakshmi puja, this will bring in wonderful results.

If you are facing problems in life due to the bad positioning of Brihaspati (Guru) in horoscope then apply tilak of Kesar daily on forehead, heart and navel.

To overcome bad luck offer yellow channa and kesar to Lord Vishnu on Thursdays.