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Panch Bhikam 2024 Date - Importance

Panch Bhikam is observed is observed during the last five days of the Kartik month as per the traditional Hindu calendar followed in North India. Kartik is the eighth month in the traditional lunar calendar. Panch Bhikam 2024 begins on November 12 and ends on November 15. Those who could not take part in the month-long Kartik Snan compensate by participating in the Panch Bhikam – which involves holy dip or bath in a river.

It is said that those participate in the Panch Bhikam bathing ritual will earn the same merit as of performing the bathing ritual for the entire Kartik month.

Hindu women sing songs in praise of Radha and Krishna during the Panch Bhikam.

Women light earthen lamps to Goddess Pathwari – the Goddess who blesses travelers.

People also recite the Panch Bhikam Kahani during the five-day period.