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Shiva and Jalandhara, the story

Jalandhara was a demon that appeared from the Ocean. Shiva was responsible for the origin of Jalandhar. Story has it that once an egoistic Indra could not tolerate when Brahma announced that Supreme Truth is Shiva. Indra soon reached Kailash and got into an argument with Shiva. A haughty Indra lifted his weapon Vajra to strike Shiva. Immediately Shiva opened his third eye.

Brahma appeared to pacify Shiva as death of Indra will cause imbalance in the universe as he is leader of the demigods. Without a leader, demons will easily overpower the demigods.

Shiva then warned Indra that soon he will meet an enemy who will remove his pride.

Shiva then cast the fire that appeared from the third eye to the ocean. From the steam thus produced appeared Demon Jalandhara.

Jalandhara was so powerful that all the demons became his followers. He soon overpowered Indra. The king of demigods had no place to go, he became powerless and homeless.

Indra now regretted his action and approached Brahma.

Brahma asked Indra to take the help of Shiva.

Indra doubted whether Shiva will help him. Brahma said that Shiva is Bholenath, he never keep grudges.

Indra approached Shiva and Mahadev promised to help him.

Jalandhara attacked Indra again and captured him and announced that he is the greatest warrior.

Indra said that not Jalandhara but Shiva is the greatest.

Jalandhara then went to Kailash and challenged Shiva.

Shiva said that he will only fight Jalandhara, if he can carry a piece of earth that he marks on the ground. Shiva then drew a circle and asked Jalandhara to lift that part of the earth.

Jalandhara immediately scooped the marked part of earth and lifted it. Suddenly the piece of the earth began to rotate fiercely and cracked his skull.

The demon that appeared from steam was put to rest with a piece of earth.