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How to Prepare Aravana Payasam? – Sabarimala Aravana Payasam

Aravana Payasam is an important sweet offering in many Hindu temples in South India. The most famous and popular Aravana Payasam is the one that is offered at the Sabarimala Ayyappa Temple. To prepare this sweet offering the main ingredients are dry rice (unakkalari), ghee and jaggery.

The main difference between other rice payasams and Aravana is that excess ghee and jaggery is used in Aravana.

Dry Rice (unakkalari)
Kalkandam – Rock Sugar
Dry grapes – unakka munthiri

The quantity of rice decides the amount jaggery, ghee etc.

Take dry rice in a vessel (hard bottom) and fill water. The amount of water should be just above the rice level.

Cook the rice.

When the rice is cooked start adding jaggery.

Keep stirring. This is important otherwise it will get stuck to the bottom.

The quality of Aravana payasam depends on how well the rice and jaggery are mixed together.

When the water starts to dry add ghee, rock sugar and dry grapes. (sometimes milk is also added.)

When the water completely dries out remove the Aravana Payasam.

This payasam remains for several days.