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Diwali Vishwakarma Puja in 2019 – Deepavali Vishwakarma Pooja

Vishwakarma Puja during Diwali is observed during the Shukla Paksha, or waxing phase of moon, in Kartik month. Diwali Vishwakarma Puja in 2019 is on October 28. Lord Vishwakarma is the presiding deity of craftsmen and architects. He is the divine architect of the whole universe. Vishwakarma Puja during the Diwali period is mainly observed in certain parts of North India.

Some of the most popular architectural gems mentioned in Hindu scriptures were built by Lord Vishwakarma. The long list includes Dwarka and Indraprastha of Pandavas.

Laborers, artisans, carpenters, craftsmen, mechanics, smith and other workers celebrate and observe Vishwakarma puja in traditional fervor and gaiety.

On the day workers rise above caste, creed and color and spread the message of communal harmony, national integration and universal brotherhood.