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Importance Of Bhumi Pujan In Hindu Religion

Bhumi Pujan is worshipping the Mother Earth. In Hindu religion, it is based on the concept of panchamahabhutas (the five elements – fire, water, air, earth and ether.) These form the base of the creation structure in the universe. In Hinduism, earth is worshipped as Mother.

All our karmas (acts) including karmas of the daily routine such as sandhyavandanam (worshipping the twilight) will only be fruitful after the purification of earth or salutation of earth.

Therefore prayers are offered to Earth.

O Goddess, you are borne by Vishnu. You bear all the sphere. Therefore, you give us shelter. Make my seat situated on you pure.

Bhumi pujan among Hindus is today more popular during the construction of any new building especially homes. Worship of the Earth before the construction of buildings of all varieties is prescribed in the scriptures.

Bhumi puja is performed for peace and prosperity in the newly constructed house. It is performed to remove all kinds of negative forces residing in the property. It is also performed for an accident free construction.

Before construction, Hindus offer the following prayers to Mother Earth.

O earth be available to us, without thorns. Let us dwell very well on you. Having become wide enough for us in all four directions, give us shelter (Shukla Yajurveda 35.21).

May Dyuloka and Prithvilok complete this puja yajna (worship ceremony) our ours. May both these sphere fill our houses with the fortunes of their gold, animals and dhana (wealth of all variety). May gods enter and demons get out.

Another prayer says:
O Goddess, you are the earth goddess giving all joys, you are infinite God mother. You are the bearer and nourisher of the entire world. O Goddess controlling this infinite earth, make it adamantine. O Goddess, don’t harm this.