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Chandi Vinayaka – Meaning and Importance of Kalau Chandi Vinayaka

Chandi Vinayaka is a popular prayer chanted in Kali Yuga and is dedicated to Ganesha and Goddess Chandi or Kali. The prayer is written as Kalau Chandi Vinayaka or Kaloha or Kaholo Chandi Vinayaka.

As per Hindu scriptures, in Kali Yuga, that is the present age, the two deities that give immediate refuge and results are Goddess Kali and Ganesha.

So it is said that Kali Yuga one should take refuge in Ganesha or Goddess Kali.

The meaning of the prayer is that in Kaliyuga prayers to Goddess Chandi and Vinayaka is Siddhi Dayak and bring immediate results.

The two deities are together worshipped to overcome horoscope related problems arising out of the bad positioning of Rahu and Ketu