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Bahula Ashtami 2024 date - Bahulashtami in Kartik Month

Bahula Ashtami is observed on the eighth day of the Krishna Paksha or waxing phase of moon in Kartik Month as per traditional Hindu calendar followed in North India. Bahula Ashtami 2024 date is October 24. The rituals on the day are associated with Radha and Krishna and are observed by the Vaishnavas.

It is believed that the Radha Kund and Shyama Kund – two ponds named after Radha and Krishna appeared on Bahula Ashtami day. The ponds are located at Vrindavan.

Thousands of devotees arrive at the ponds to take a holy dip on the day.

It is believed that all the sacred waters in world appeared to fill the Radhakund.

Please note that Bahula is a term used to refer to the waning phase of moon in South India – especially in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.