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Importance of Mirror in Hinduism – Religious Significance of Mirror in Hindu Religion

Mirror is an important part of many rituals in Hinduism. Apart from religious significance, mirror also has important philosophical significance in Hindu religion. Mirror is considered highly auspicious and is part of good items that can be viewed before a new beginning.

In Hindu marriages of some communities, when receiving the groom, there is a tradition to carry a mirror on the platter along with other beauty related materials.

While the bride is dressing up, she holds a mirror in her left hand. This is a must for many Hindu communities.

The philosophical aspect of mirror in Hindu teachings is found in the Upanishads. The reflection in the mirror is seen as God.

‘The person…that is seen in the mirror (eye), that is self…This is the Brahman – the Supreme Truth – Chandogya Upanishad.

The person that is in the mirror, on him I meditate. – Kaushitaki Upanishad

Cleaning the mirror (heart) which is covered with dust is a constant theme in many teachings in Hinduism.

Mirror is an important item during Vishukani darshan, the seeing of auspicious things during Vishu festival by Malaylis in Kerala.

In some temples, the murti or idol worshipped in the temple is shown through a mirror. This is done when the murti is not properly visible or there is huge crowd thronging the shrine.

There are also temples which have huge mirror placed in such away as to make the devotee realize that the Supreme Truth that the person is searching outside is within the person.