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Symbolism of Goddess Lakshmi Worship

Purification of the Mind is obtained through worship of Lakshmi Devi. Contrary to popular belief, Mother Laxmi is worshipped not for material wealth, but for good and noble values (spiritual wealth).

More important than material wealth is the inner wealth of spiritual values such as love, kindness, sincerity, self-control, self-discipline, etc. By the practice of such spiritual values in our daily lives, our minds become purified.

The lotus on which the Goddess is seated symbolizes the Supreme Goal of Self -Realization.

Source: Excerpt from an article published in the magazine October 2000 edition of Chinmayam a magazine of Chinmaya Mission.

Goddess Lakshmi is associated with cleanliness. We often limit the cleanliness to external. Symbolically, cleanliness should be internal. When internal stains are removed automatically external cleanliness happens.

Goddess Lakshmi resides in our heart and we need to keep our heart clean by removing all kinds of ego, evil desires, hatred, jealousy and lust.

We need to fill our heart with empathy and love so that Goddess Lakshmi can reside in it.