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Eight Important Mahakshetrams - Sacred Places in Telugu Hindu Culture

The eight places where Bhagvan Srihari Vishnu appeared are considered as Mahakshethram, or sacred places, in Telugu Hindu culture and by many Vaishnava communities in South India. The eight sacred places are all located in India.

Please note that these are not temples but sacred places. The entire region is considered sacred.

The Eight Mahakshethram or sacred places are:
  1. Srirangam
  2. Srimushnam
  3. Naimisam
  4. Pushkaram
  5. Salagamadri
  6. Thothadri (Mangalagiri)
  7. Narayanasramam
  8. Venkatadri (Tirupati)
Please note that this list is as per South India Vaishnava sects. It is not applicable in other regions and to other Hindu communities.