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Eknath Easwaran Quotes

A collection of quotes of Eknath Easwaran.

The desire to change the direction of your life is one of the surest signs of grace... For a while you may not know the direction in which to go. But you will know without doubt that the direction you have been going in is wrong...

The sure sign of grace is the desire to go against all selfish desires.

We are not made to love only one or two individuals. We have the immense capacity to be in love with everyone...

Happy is he who is good to others; miserable is he who expects good from others.

The lotus makes a beautiful symbol for the core of goodness in every human being. Though we are born of human clay, it remind us, each of us has the latent capacity to reach and grow toward heaven until we shine with the reflected glory of our Maker.

A mask can hide a face completely. But the very nature of a mask is that it can be removed. This is the promise and the purpose of all spiritual discipline – to take off the mask that hides our real face.

What matters is not that we may have made mistakes in the pursuit of physical satisfaction; what is important is to learn from these mistakes as quickly as we can that wealth, possession, power, and pleasure have never brought lasting satisfaction to any human being. Our needs go too deep to be satisfied by anything that comes and goes. Nothing but spiritual fulfillment can fill the void in our hearts.

Eknath Easwaran Quotes on Mantra 

A mantra is a powerful spiritual formula, which when repeated silently in the mind, has the capacity to transform consciousness. There is nothing magical about this. It is simply a matter of practice. The mantra is a short, powerful spiritual formula for the highest power that we can conceive of – whether we call it God, or the ultimate reality, or the Self within. Whatever name we use, with the mantra we are calling up what is best and deepest in ourselves.

Once you have chosen your mantra, do not change it. If you do, you will be like a person digging shallow holes in many places, you will never go deep enough to find water.

A mantra is most effective when repeated silently in the mind.

Source – The Mantram Handbook

Nothing can be more important than being able to choose the way we think – our feelings, aspirations, and desires; the way we view our world and ourselves. Mastery of the mind opens avenues of hope. It means that we can begin to reshape our life and character, rebuild relationships, thrive in the stress of daily living, become the kind of person we want ourselves to be.

During an early morning walk on a secluded beach, I found myself absorbed in watching a huge log with which the sea was playing like a cat. Wave after wave carried the log onto the shore and then rolled it back, unresisting, in the curl of the backwash. Finally a huge swell swept it far up onto the sand. It lay there sodden, as if to say, “I came here all by myself, and now I am going to stay here. I like this place.” But a few minutes later another rush of water lifted it free again and carried it back into the sea. Along it went without a sign of protest, buffeted and rolled at the pleasure of the waves.
I couldn’t help feeling that for the most part, this is what our lives are like too.

Source – Conquest of Mind By Eknath Easwaran