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What Is Ego Or Ahamkara? – Ramana Maharshi Answers

Ramana Maharshi gives a simple answer to the perplexing question of what is ego or ahamkara. Life becomes smooth and the path of bliss opens up when we unravel the puzzle of ego.

The jiva, or individual being, expressing itself as “I” is called the ego, or ahamkara. Jiva is that being which identifies its existence with that of life in the physical body.

The pure consciousness has no ego-sense about it. Neither can the physical body, which is, by itself, inert have this ego-sense.

Eklingji Temple Kailashpuri - Udaipur

In between the two, namely the Self, or pure consciousness, and the inert, physical body, there arises most mysteriously the ego-sense or “I” notion, the hybrid, which is neither of them and flourishes as jiva, or individual being.

This jiva is the root cause of all that is futile and undesirable in life.

If, therefore, it is destroyed by any possible means, That which ever is alone remains resplendent or that which really exists will be seen as it is. This indeed is liberation or emancipation.