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Ahuti in Hindu Religion

Ahuti is offering oblations in fire to Gods and Goddesses in Hindu religion. Ahuti is part of almost all rituals, rites and yajnas in Hinduism. Usually, they are in the form of ghee (clarified butter), milk, curd, cooked rice, fried rice, fried paddy, juice of the Soma creeper and specified portions of the offerings.

Ahuti are made to Agni, the God of fire through whom they are believed to reach the respective deities. All that is offered as oblations are products of earth. In certain rituals, the other three elements – fire, air and ether – are also offered.

On certain occasion, the offerings are made of gold or other precious metals. Darbha grass and other holy items are also offered.

Even the recital of Vedas is considered an oblation to the gods.

Ahuti is performed using the right hand.