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Deepavali Oil Bath Mantra for Men and Women – Mantra Chanted on Diwali Day for Oil Bath

Oil bath on the morning of Naraka Chaturdasi and Deepavali is a must for many Hindu communities. Oil for taking bath on Diwali morning is provided the elder-most female member in the family. Men chant the name of seven great male achievers mentioned in Hindu Puranas before applying oil. Women chant the name of five female achievers. This mantra is mainly chanted by certain South Indian Hindu communities.

The elder most female member in the family dips a flower bud in the oil that is specifically meant for applying on the hair. The oil is dropped into the left palm of each person.

Men chant the name of seven chiranjeevis – Ashwatthama, Bali, Vayasa, Hanuman, Vibhishana, Kripa and Parashurama. The mantra is:

Ashwthamo, Balir, Vyaso, Hanumanshcha, Vibhishanaha,
Krupaha Parashuramashcha,Saptaite Chirangivinaha

Women chant the name of five great women in Hindu Puranas and epics – Ahalya, Draupati, Sita, Tara and Mandodari. The mantra is:

Ahalya, Draupati, Sitaa, Tara, Mandodari Tata,
Panchakanyaha Smarennithyam Mahapataka Nashanam

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