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Bhai Phota 2024 – Importance and Reason of Bhai Phonta Festival

Bhai Phonta is a festival dedicated to the brother-sister relationship and is similar to the Bhai Dooj festival observed in North India. Bhai Phota 2024 date is November 3. Fota, or Phonta, refers to the sandalwood paste that is applied on the forehead of brothers by sisters on the day. Sisters pray for the wellbeing and safety of brothers and this is the main reason. It is an important festival in many regions in eastern parts of India.

Where and When

Bhai Phota is observed in the Kartik month in Bengali calendar and the day coincides with the Bhai Dooj festival in other parts of the country.

How is it Observed?

The sisters fast from the morning of Bhai Phonta and the fasting ends when she applies the sandalwood paste tika on the forehead of brothers. She also ties a holy thread on the wrist of the brothers. Brothers in return promise to protect her and present her with gifts.

Favorite dishes of brothers are prepared on the day by sisters. A small puja and ritual is performed while the sister applies Tika on her brother.

Festival is known by several names in other parts of India

  • The day is observed as Bhai Dooj or Bhau Bij or Bhai Beej in North India
  • In Maharashtra, the day is known as Bhai Tika.
  • Yama Dwitiya in Karnataka and parts of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh