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Sweet in Hinduism – Why Sweet is offered In Hinduism during Auspicious Events?

Sweet is an indispensable part of Hinduism. It is offered during every puja, all auspicious events and when someone departs from home for an important event in life. So, why is sweet offered in Hinduism during auspicious event.

The main belief is that sweet helps in achieving success. All puja and rituals will be successful when sweet is offered. Similarly, eat curd and sugar before leaving home will help in achieving success.

There is also a belief that our mind achieves peace and composure when sweet is eaten and shared.

Yet another belief is that our thoughts become sweet and there will be self-belief with the positive thoughts.

Speech will also be sweet. As result of this we will not be hurting others. This helps us in achieving our goal. We only make friends and there will be enemies.

It is also believed that we will be able to find solution to even the toughest task after eating sweet.

Eating sweet before leaving home will help in keeping out all forms negative energy. The mind of the person will be filled with positive thoughts and ideas.