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Frog In Home In Hindu Religion – Frog And Vastu – Benefits - Effects

Frog is considered good in Hindu religion. They are associated with prosperity and good health. It is considered auspicious to keep frogs in home. It must be noted here that while keeping live frogs one should keep the place neat and clean too as untidy place will attract Rahu and Alakshmi.

Benefits And Effects of Live Frog or Mud or Metal Frog in Home

  • It is believed that homes having frog gets the blessing of Shiva and Ashwini Kumars. The people in the house will be healthy.
  • Presence of frog helps in curing diseases.
  • People in the house are blessed with prosperity.
  • Increase in business and new good friendships.
  • Today, it is illegal to keep certain species of frog in aquariums and therefore people prefer frogs made of metal or mud.

Where to keep frog in house?

The frog made up of mud or metal should be placed in northeast or southwest of the house.

Crystal Frog In House As Per Vastu

Crystal frog is not associated with Hindu religion. It is associated with feng shui. Items made of glass are not favored in Hindu religion as they are not pure and due to their breakable nature.