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Krishnamrutha Maharnava – Madhvacharya

Krishnamrutha Maharnava is one of the thirty seven works (Sarvamoola) of Madhvacharya. It opens with a prayer to Achyuta (Lord Vishnu) and consists of quotations from various Puranas which highlight the worship of Narayana.
Krishnamrutha Maharnava deals with the merit of chanting the names of Vishnu, remembering Vishnu, meditating on Him, singing His glory, and listening to His glory. All these are well depicted in the book.

Brahma, Shiva, Yama Narada, Pulastya, Markandeya, Atri and other gods, goddesses and saints appear in the text. They all have hailed Narayana as supreme, the one who gives liberation.

His worship is easy and the rewards are many. Mere contemplation of his name can destroy the sins accrued over many births. The reward of worshipping him with devotion is liberation itself.

Some of the topics in Krishnamrita Maharnava

Shaligram puja has its own efficacy, it is not necessary to invoke God in the salagrama. He is already there. Flowers, sandal paste, tulasi and food are offered during the puja. Wherever salagrama exists, that area is sanctified because of the presence of Lord Vishnu in it.

A spiritual aspirant is urged to worship Sri Vishnu as the supreme godhead.

The importance of observing fasts on Ekadashi (the eleventh day of both the bright half and the dark half of the month) is emphasized. All men and women, irrespective of their station in life, who are above eight years and below eighty years should compulsorily observe a total fast on Ekadashi. This austerity wipes out the sins committed through the eleven sense organs. Puranas hail the greatness of the observance of Ekadashi since it is capable of destroying sins accrued in hundreds of lives.

The importance of applying gopichandana to the body and the vertical mark to the forehead is described. A person with a vertical mark on the forehead is worthy of honor. Any ritual performed without applying the vertical mark is useless.

There are different modes of worshipping Srihari, as declared in the scriptures. A person born in this world who does not worship Srihari, does not remember Him, or does not sing His glory is a mere burden on this earth.

Life becomes meaningful if one has devotion for Lord Vishnu. Only that person attains liberation who remembers Vishnu as supreme.