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Brahmarakshas – What is Brahma Rakshas in Hindu Religion?

Brahmarakshas, in Hindu religion, is the ghostly form of a learned and pious person who by curse or due to some other reason got the ghoulish spirit form. In some region, Brahmarakshas is the fierce ghostly form of celibate youth, or Brahmachari, who met with a violent death.

Symbolically, Brahmarakshas is the person in spite of having the knowledge of Brahman (supreme truth) gets lost in the world of 'moha' and 'maya.' The person falls from the path of Dharma and commits Adharma for personal gains or pleasure.

As per one school of thought, Brahmarakshas is the spirit of a Brahmin, who had knowledge of Brahman. But the Brahmin due to various reasons like curse or sin got the ghoulish form.

Brahmarakshas is given the status of a deity and is usually worshipped in a corner in temples in South India especially in Kerala. You will find a slab or stone that is dedicated to Brahmarakshas in most temples. The place is never within the sanctum sanctorum but outside.

The main offering to Brahmarakshas is red cloth.

One of the earliest reference of the word Brahma Rakshas is found in the Atharva Veda - Sukta 111.

Today, Brahmarakshas is seen as a fierce ghost who goes around killing innocent people. All these are imaginations of filmmakers, silly serial makers and writers.