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Anugita Teachings

A collection of teachings from Anugita.

One should learn to control one's mind and love Paramathma (the Supreme-Soul) with devotion.

Utterance of Aum (Pranava) is the easy means of self-realization.

The spiritual aspirant should be absorbed in the contemplation of God with single minded devotion and without outer consciousness.

If he meditates with the feeling of “Aham Brahmasmi' (I am Brahman), all his sins disappear and he would be emancipated. The individual soul will be merged with the Supreme Soul.

As life is transitory, one should adore only the truth. A yogi who is only meditating on the soul will have no rebirth.

Parabrahman is the goal of Pranava (aum). It leads to liberation and supreme peace.

We must remove the dirt of lust and anger and give up all attachments. The darkness of ignorance should be dispelled with the light of self-knowledge.

Anugita is a conversation between Sri Krishna and Arjuna and is found in the Ashwamedha Yaga Parva of the Mahabharata.