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Consider Peace to be Superior Than Everything Else - Swami Adbhutananda Thoughts On Peace

Swami Adbhutananda shares his thoughts on peace.

Control lust. Don’t permit it to increase. Always pay attention so that lust does not crop up. It is an enemy that places obstacles on the path of one’s sadhana. He who has conquered lust has reached the goal.

See what base understanding! People spend their lives in all sorts of worldly garbage, yet will not control their senses even a bit to move towards God.

Exercising a little control, they should call upon God. Still they will not do so. If one moves towards God, one attains happiness and peace in this life and the next. But having such filthy minds, they will by no means move towards God. This is truly maya’s delusion.

One should try to spend the few days of one’s life with an honest bent of mind, striving to live in peace, without fighting and quarrelling with others. For a small piece of land and a few coins you are beating your brothers with sticks and filing lawsuits.

My dear, you do not consider how few days you have been in this world or how few days you have yet to live. Honest people ask themselves: ‘How many more days may I live? Why do I add to my anxiety fighting over such petty things? When I came into this world, I brought nothing with me. When I leave, even then, I cannot take anything. Why do I unnecessarily invite strife? Why do I suffer?’ Therefore, the wise do not cavil over a patch of land or a few coins. They consider peace to be superior to these.