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Mata Amritanandamayi Insight and Wisdom

Mata Amritanandamayi on Hindu idol worship

The formless and omnipotent God can easily assume form for the sake of devotees. An ordinary individual may not develop love as easily for the formless aspect of God (Brahman), as he/she would, if worshiped with form. So the need for idol worship.

We should worship him seeing all forms as different aspects of the same God….See Brahman in everything and everyone. Whomsoever you see, remember god’s form. Then everything will rise up from within. When our mind becomes expansive, we can merge with the infinite.

Amritanandamayi on Self Sacrifice

Human beings can learn many things from Nature.

For example, take an apple tree. It gives all its fruits to others, taking nothing for itself. Its very existence is for other living beings. Likewise, a river. Everyone comes and bathes in it. It washes away everyone's dirt, expecting nothing. It willingly accepts all the impurities and returns purity, sacrificing everything for others.

Children, each and every object in this world teaches us sacrifice. If you observe closely, you can find that all of life is a sacrifice. Each one's life is a story of sacrifice. The husband sacrifices his life for his wife and the wife sacrifices hers for her husband, a mother for her children and the children for their family.

Each one of us is sacrificing our lives in one way or another. But all of us are limited to our own little world. Without sacrifice, there is no world. Sacrificing everything for the good of the world is the greatest sacrifice.

This little world of ours should evolve until it becomes the whole universe. As it grows, we can see our problems also dissolving slowly. 

Mata Amritanandamayi on Ego

The shell around the seed has to break before the tree can emerge. You have to get rid of the ego before you gain knowledge.

It is no use pouring water into a dirty bucket; the water will get dirty. In the same way, if you maintain the ego while doing sadhana, you cannot take total refuge in God. You cannot experience and enjoy the benefits of sadhana.

How can someone who can't even swim across a small river swim across the ocean? It is not possible to reach the supreme state without removing all small selfishness.

The sun gets concealed by the clouds. In a like manner, God is concealed by our ego and vasanas (latent tendencies). He becomes visible when the dirt of those tendencies is removed. 

Mata Amritanandamayi Sayings on Scriptures

When we are hungry we eat just enough food to appease our hunger and not all the food in the kitchen. Many scholars waste their lives eating the whole thing.

We spit out the residue after we enjoy the juice of the sugarcane. In the same way we should take the essence of the scriptures and discard the rest.

By eating the picture of a banana, you won't get the taste or nourishment of the fruit. Scriptural study is necessary, but sadhana is needed to benefit from it.

Scriptures, like a signboard, point the way; in order to reach the destination, you have to follow the instructions and move forward, not stand reading the board again and again.