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Chinese Kali Temple – Goddess Kali Temple at Matheswartala Road in Tangra – Kolkata

The Goddess Kali Temple at Matheswartala Road in Tangra, Kolkata is popularly known as Chinese Kali Temple. The temple was built by Chinese people residing in the China town and it is even today maintained by Chinese people residing in the area.

What makes the Chinese Kali Temple different from Other Kali Temple in Kolkata?

Goddess Kali worshipped in the temple is benign and kind form. She is not in the usual ferocious form.

As Prasad (Bhog), Goddess Kali is offered noodles, rice and momos.

Story of Chinese Kali Temple

Around 60 years ago, the spot where the current Chinese Kali Temple stands was a place of Shakti worship. Pindi (murtis of Shakti in stone) was worshipped under a Banayan tree here.

Once a Chinese boy fell ill and doctors were not able to cure him.

The parents of the boy offered prayers daily to the pindi under the Banayan tree.

Soon the boy recovered and got back to his normal self.

Soon the news spread about the presence of Goddess Kali under the Banayan Tree.

Large number of Chinese people started making offerings and prayers here.

A beautiful temple was constructed later in the spot. The temple follows all the puja rituals observed in other Kali temples in the region.

The small temple also has a murti of Lord Shiva.